WooCommerce Product Reviews Feed for Google Shopping Ads

WooCommerce Product Reviews Feed for Google Shopping Ads

WooCommerce Product Reviews Feed for Google Shopping Ads

Want your Google Shopping Ads to have rating stars?

You can now submit a reviews feed reviews from your WooCommerce website to the Google Merchant Center and improve your ads’ click through rate. If you’ve ever done a Google Search for a product, you must have seen Google Shopping Ads. When deciding which one to click on, most people gravitate toward ads that have ratings. These ratings are possible when store owners submit their website’s review feed to Google.

With this extension, your Shopping Ads will display actual ratings and reviews from your website. Displaying product ratings on your Google Shopping ads helps shoppers feel more confident and may help increase clickthrough rates on your ads.

Product Shopping Ads Review Feed for WooCommerce

So how do you get your website’s product reviews and ratings to show up on your Google Shopping Ads?

For Product Reviews XML to work, you need to have the following plugins installed and configured:

First, you need a Google Product Feed. We recommend the WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin. Once you have your product feed up and running, you can create Google Shopping Ads through your Adwords account. For assistance in setting up your product feed, click here.

For documentation click here.

This plugin requires WooCommerce Reviews Pro to work.

This extension works by integrating with WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro. We also recommend using the Google Product Feeds extension in order to publish an accurate Product Feed with matching GTIN and SKU data to the Google Merchant Center.

The extension does the following:

  1. Generates a unique URL for each review.
  2. Only “Reviews” are included in the feed. Questions, comments, and qualifiers are excluded.
  3. Includes Strong Identifiers such as GTIN to match your reviews to the correct products in your Product Feed.
  4. It allows the user to select which products’ reviews to include in the feed. It can do this by selecting specific categories or products in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

In summary, WooCommerce store managers can now easily generate a product reviews feed and avoid paying exorbitant prices to Reviews Aggregators.